Sea Serpent


  • Image of Sea Serpent
  • Image of Sea Serpent

Discmania Sea Serpent

11 • 5 • -2 • 2

The Sea Serpent has been designed to optimize the distance players can get by combining a high speed turn and slow speed stability to make a distance driver that can be used by all players. The Sea Serpent features the widest rim currently made in our Active lineup, which helps it to cut through the air and gives it consistent flight. The Sea Serpent gains more turn the faster it’s thrown meaning you can throw harder for more distance or throw softer for a more controlled stable shot.

  • Blue • Silver Stamp • 172g - 4 in stock
  • Pink • Purple Stamp • 170g - 3 in stock
  • Pink • Purple Stamp • 169g - 1 in stock
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