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Pro Tip: The Soft Exo plastic is historically the most overstable of the three plastics between Soft, Hard, and Lux (or Vapor).

Soft Exo: The Soft Exo plastic helps the Tactic have more give to the flight plate, allowing players to get an incredible amount of grip on their disc. Being soft in rigidity and feel makes Soft Exo the plastic of choice for players looking to optimize comfort and grip.

Hard Exo: The Hard Exo plastic gives the Tactic enough rigidity for players to be confident that the disc will retain its shape, even for players with a firm grip. While remaining firm, the hard Exo plastic has a soft velvet like feel to its surface making this plastic both reliable and comfortable to the touch.

  • Hard • White • Purple Stamp • 175g - 3 in stock
  • Soft • Gray • Gold Stamp • 173g - 6 in stock
  • Soft • White • Blue Stamp • 176g - 1 in stock
  • Soft • White • Blue Stamp • 174g - 0 in stock Sold Out
  • Soft • Blue • Black Stamp • 174g - 2 in stock
  • Soft • Pink • Black Stamp • 175g - 1 in stock
  • Soft • Pink • Purple Stamp • 173g - 1 in stock
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