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  • Image of discmania Enigma
  • Image of discmania Enigma
  • Image of discmania Enigma

12 | 5 | -1 | 2

If you’ve thrown the Discmania DD3 and have loved it, you might find even more to love with the Enigma. Plus, if you’ve found the DD3 to be a little too stable for you, the Enigma is exactly what you need.

Once it gets up to speed the Enigma will show a little turn to help with the ultimate distance. This turn is specifically designed to give the disc as much room to fly as possible. It isn’t overly “flippy” though. You can really control this disc with the power behind it and the release angle.

As the Enigma continues down the fairway, the fade will bring it back toward center, but with a very forward penetrating fade. It will return for you, but it will with distance at the front of its mind. Quite simply, this disc can really fly.

  • NEO • White • Green Stamp • 173g - 4 in stock
  • NEO • Blue • Blue Stamp • 173g - 2 in stock
  • NEO • Pink • Green Stamp • 173g - 2 in stock
  • NEO • Yellow • Red Stamp • 175g - 2 in stock
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