Luna Park Mystery box


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The Luna Park mystery box gives you a mix of Discmania, Discraft and Dynamic Discs.

Small Boxes contain 4 discs.

• 1 Baseline disc
• 1 Midgrade disc
• 2 Premium discs
• Mini
• Sticker

Big Boxes contain 8 discs.

• 3 Baseline discs
• 2 Midgrade discs
• 3 Premium discs
• Mini
• Sticker

**Please note the following:

• Mystery boxes are not eligible for returns

• Boxes are pre-assembled and requests cannot be honored

• If multiple boxes or other items are ordered we may package them together

** For a more customized box check out our new monthly subscription service the LUNA box. Find it under the 'SUBSCRIBE' tab in the main menu of the site.

  • Small Box - 3 in stock
  • Big Box - 2 in stock
Image of Discraft Mystery Box
Sold out
Discraft Mystery Box
Image of Discmania Mystery Box
Discmania Mystery Box
Image of discmania Logic
discmania Logic
Image of discmania Essence
discmania Essence
Image of discmania Link
discmania Link
Image of discmania Tactic
discmania Tactic
Image of discmania Origin
discmania Origin
Image of discmania Mutant
Coming soon
discmania Mutant
Image of discmania Splice
Coming soon
discmania Splice
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